AltSwitch Team’s Unforgettable Experience at Philippine Blockchain Week 2023

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AltSwitch team at Philippine Blockchain Week 2023

The Philippine Blockchain Week (PBW) 2023 was a remarkable event that united blockchain enthusiasts, innovators, and entrepreneurs from all around the world. AltSwitch, a blockchain based company building products with an ecosystem of decentralized apps and services, had the privilege of participating in this exceptional gathering, and the experience was nothing short of extraordinary.

Philippine Blockchain Week 2023 Opening

Before delving into our incredible journey at PBW, let’s take a moment to understand the significance of this grand event. PBW stands as the largest blockchain conference in the Philippines, attracting top-tier industry experts and thousands of blockchain experts around the globe. It serves as a crucible of ideas, opportunities, and innovations, where the future of blockchain is molded.

At AltSwitch, we have always been vigilant for opportunities to connect, collaborate, and grow. PBW presented us with a platform to do precisely that. We eagerly embraced the chance to meet influential figures in the blockchain domain and establish meaningful connections.

Day 1: Opening and Building Friendships

The event commenced with great excitement. We were thrilled to meet both local and international friends who share our passion for blockchain. From Giu Comia of Tekkon to Gerry Go of Magniviral, from John representing Surgence to Kristian Quirapas of Vulcanic Labs, Patrik of The Round Table and many more, the camaraderie was infectious.

John of Surgence and Patrik of The Round Table

We also had the pleasure of connecting with Shan Ty, the founder of Nara Labs, Janjan Quilantang of Crypto Pinas. Jiro Reyes and Chris Rodil of Bitskwela, along with Paul Abello (aka Coach Miranda Miner) and Gilbert Lazaro (aka TitoVlogs) added to the charm of the day.

To top it off, our CEO — Carl Munsayac, took the stage at the ICP meetup to discuss “Investing in Web3: Opportunities and Risk”, an official side event of the Philippine Blockchain Week 2023 with TitoVlogs, Coach Miranda, Shan Ty, Natalia Narboneta, Angelica Viray and Modern Mulan.

Modern Mulan, Shan Ty, Natalia Narboneta, Angelica Viray, TitoVlogs, Carl Munsayac and Coach Miranda at Philippine Blockchain Week 2023

To end the day with a blast, we met Infanity from NFT NYC, and Bitpinas even published an article about our project, DeKaha.

Day 2: Connecting and Innovating

This day was all about forging connections and fostering innovation. We engaged in in-depth discussions with projects like ZAG Network, exploring the use of Multi-Yield Locks, an upcoming DApp by AltSwitch that empowers projects to establish a more robust price floor while incentivizing their community.

ZAG Network

We also caught up with old friends from Binance, DWF Labs, Cosplay Token, and Otacute DAO, and established new connections with, Hansa Accelerator, and WLF Project.

DWF Labs, Coins.PH, WLF
Cosplay Token, Otacute Events DAO and Binance

Day 3: Stepping into the Future

As PBW drew to a close, we left with a wealth of new connections and insights. The discussions we participated in during the event laid the groundwork for future collaborations and growth.

Our journey at PBW 2023 was not just a memorable adventure; it was a strategic move for the future of AltSwitch and its community. We acquired knowledge, forged partnerships, and expanded our horizons. This experience will undoubtedly propel our progress, bringing fresh ideas and innovations to the AltSwitch ecosystem.

As we embark on this exciting journey, we extend an invitation for you to join us. Stay updated with AltSwitch’s latest developments and become a part of our thriving community. Together, we will shape the future of blockchain technology.

Stay tuned for more details!

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AltSwitch is a blockchain based company building products with an ecosystem of decentralized apps and services.