Manila Binance Halloween KOL Meetup

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Manila Binance Halloween KOL Meetup
Manila Binance Halloween KOL Meetup

In an electrifying event that shook the Philippine crypto community, Manila played host to the Binance Halloween Key Opinion Leader (KOL) Meetup on October 20, 2023 at I’m Hotel, Makati City, Philippines. AltSwitch co-founders, Carl Munsayac and Kaye Labay, in partnership with MK Social Hub, were among the honored guests at this exclusive gathering. The event was designed to bring together the most prominent crypto influencers and key opinion leaders in the Philippines for a day filled with networking, knowledge-sharing, and the spirit of Halloween.

The event was extra special due to Binance’s announcement just a week earlier, on October 12, 2023, marking the official rebranding of Binance Feed to Binance Square at 11:00 (UTC). Binance Square is set to transform the way users engage with cryptocurrency-related content. It has evolved from being a mere content aggregator to a full-fledged social platform, allowing users to create and share crypto content, discover the latest trends, and connect with like-minded individuals.

The AltSwitch team, with its leaders Carl Munsayac and Kaye Labay, leveraged the meetup as an opportunity to engage with the local crypto community. They had a casual chat with several influential figures in the Filipino crypto space, including Marvin Favis, Archie Lim, and Giu Comia. These personalities have been instrumental in shaping the narrative of cryptocurrency in the Philippines.

Manila Binance Halloween KOL Meetup — AltSwitch with Marvin Favis
Manila Binance Halloween KOL Meetup with Marvin Favis

The event also provided a platform for budding traders to connect with seasoned professionals. Leading trading coaches, such as Coach Miranda Miner (Paul Abello), Trader Kreios and Aldrin Rabino, were present, sharing insights and expertise with the attendees. It was an invaluable opportunity for those looking to enhance their trading skills and learn from the best.

Furthermore, the meetup was not just about influencers and traders but also a chance for crypto-based digital marketing agencies to showcase their talents. Founders like Myrtle Anne of Block Tides and Chris Rodil (Prof Toff) of Bitskwela were in attendance, demonstrating the pivotal role marketing plays in the crypto ecosystem.

Patcharakorn Taedangpetch (Jommy), the Country Lead for APAC Expansion Markets, was a prominent figure at the Manila Binance Halloween KOL Meetup. She shared insights about the exciting opportunities that individuals can harness as Binance Affiliates.

One of the highlights of the event was the announcement from Binance Futures about the launch of Copy Trading. This feature is available on both the Binance website and the Binance App, offering an exciting opportunity for users in eligible regions. Copy Trading enables users, aptly named “Copy Traders,” to replicate the real-time futures trading strategies of experienced and skilled traders, referred to as “Lead Traders.” This seamless and user-friendly feature is set to revolutionize the way people engage with crypto trading, making it accessible to traders of all skill levels.

The Manila Binance Halloween KOL Meetup was not just a gathering of crypto enthusiasts; it was a celebration of the evolving crypto landscape and the opportunities it presents to Filipinos. It highlighted the importance of community building, knowledge sharing, and the potential for everyone to participate in the world of digital assets.

As the crypto ecosystem continues to grow and evolve, events like the Binance Halloween KOL Meetup become even more crucial. They provide a platform for thought leaders, traders, and influencers to connect, collaborate, and chart the course for the future of cryptocurrency in the Philippines.

In the heart of Manila, the future of crypto was not only celebrated but also shaped by the passionate and dedicated individuals who attended the event. It was a day of spooky activities, but more importantly, it was a day of innovation, learning, and forging lasting connections in the ever-expanding world of cryptocurrency.

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