Philippine Web3 Festival and Bull or Bear Debate Closes to a Successful Climax with AltSwitch in Attendance

3 min readNov 22, 2022

November has been nothing short of a jam-packed month for the Philippine Web3 space as two of the most anticipated events were previously held from November 14–18 and AltSwitch was there for all the action and highlights of both ambitious platforms.

The Philippines appears poised to become a strong market in the Web3 space with multiple venture capital firms, startups, and developers keeping a close eye on the country for future developments. This uniquely definitive position in the developing industry has become a pillar for events such as the Philippine Web3 Festival to become a platform that hosts key industry players. The event hosted a plethora of industry powerhouse names including Nichel Gaba (Founder/CEO at PDAX), Wei Zhou (CEO at, Kenneth Stern (General Mgr at Binance), Mia Deng (Partner at Dragonfly Capital), Ciara Sun (Founder and Managing Partner at C2 Ventures), and Alvin Kan (Growth Operations Director at BNB Chain Labs) to name a few. Through the event, they were able to share their expertise and insights as to why they think the country is a conducive environment for the next frontier of human interaction and future mega-industry. The biggest partners and co-presenters of the event were industry behemoths in their own right namely Globe, Gcash, Binance, Polygon, Angkas, and MetaverseGo among other event sponsors and exhibitors.

Discussions and a constant exchange of ideas around the future of Web3 are vital components to the constant development and innovation in building solutions around this technology. This was a focal point around BitSkwela’s Bull or Bear Web3 Debate where some of the hottest topics surrounding Web3 were discussed in an open-sided, panel-style setting. On the panel were Growth Lead at BlockchainSpace Jen Bilango, Cryptocurrency Investor Chris Tan, Patty Tiu of Thompson Collective Inc., Hacktive CEO and Bayanichain CTO Paul Soliman, GCrypto Senior Partnerships Manager Mark Nunez, and Internet Protocol Manila’s Nelson Lumbres. They discussed topics around the viability of cryptocurrency as legal tender, legislation’s role in mass adoption, and personal information security on the blockchain among other very engaging topics that had the crowd discussing among themselves (we know because we were). The night ended on a high note as DJ Patty Tiu brought out her turntables and dished out some beats for the enjoyment of the crowd at the afterparty.

AltSwitch continues to position itself among the movers and shakers on the blockchain and its continued development. The event definitely opened doors to future collaborations with relevant entities that will be revealed in due time. These events were an absolutely positive prelude to the next chapter of AltSwitch with its DeKaha Software prelaunch and Smart contract upgrade coming very soon.

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