TechKogo Forum’s Second Edition Re-inventing Business with Blockchain Successfully Concluded in Official Partnership with AltSwitch

3 min readNov 8, 2022

You’ve probably heard of the blockchain as one of the internet’s buzzwords recently along with words such as Cryptocurrency, Ethereum, and Bitcoin among others. You also likely find yourself asking what these are and how these will affect you. Most business owners are also looking for answers as to how they can incorporate this innovation into their enterprise, luckily a forum is set on this very initiative to spread awareness and increase participation and adoption of this exciting new frontier in technological advancement.

The highly anticipated second edition of the TechKogo Forum entitled “Re-inventing Business with Blockchain” in official partnership with AltSwitch has recently concluded with a powerhouse lineup of keynote speakers, government ambassadors, and royal family members/advisors. The exclusive event was co-presented by Dr. Narisa Chauvidul-Aw the CEO and founder of Kogopay alongside Marlene Murphy, CEO and founder of The Artepreneurs, and the President of the Philippine Partnership Circle. Some notable attendees included H. H. Sheikh Majid Rashid Al Mualla (royal family member: Umm Al Quwain), Gustavo Antonio Montero founder and chairman of Carter Capital, Dr. Kabir COO of the Private Office of Sheikh Majid Rashid Al Mualla among other panel speakers and guests of honor.

The keynote and panel discussions revolved around the innovative nature of the blockchain and a revolutionary view of the future of how business will be conducted, how digital assets are/will be managed, and the overall impact of the blockchain on society at large. Participants were treated to a Mastermind exchange of ideas on how the technology can be adopted to improve their businesses not only to the benefit of their partners and shareholders but also their customers and less privileged members of society who previously had limited to no access to such benefits. AltSwitch’s CEO Carl Munsayac is set to be one of the Keynote speakers on the upcoming third edition of the forum’s trilogy series and believes that this series is serving as a critical platform to expand social inclusion and the acceleration of mass adoption which creates a new avenue of opportunities on a global scale.

This exclusive forum imparted a lot of value under the exclusive backing of Kogopay; a socially conscious FinTech company in collaboration with Artepreneurs to fulfill its corporate social responsibility in promoting a “Tech World of Good” to bridge the digital divide in less privileged communities. The exciting part is that this event will soon be brought to the Philippines in official partnership with AltSwitch for the entire event’s organization needs. For a sneak preview of what’s to come, check out the forum’s conclusive video edit here. Keep yourself updated on the latest on this promising forum series and the companies behind its critical mission of expanding access and inclusion to the innovations on the blockchain by following the official links below.

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